The Glory of 2020

The heavens tell of the glory of God; And their expanse declares the work of His hands.

Psalm 19:1

“Glory” and “presence” were my words for 2020 and God showed up in some life-changing ways for me last year! 2020 taught me that blessings don’t always look like you think they will, but when they come, they are unforgettable treasures that shape you. I love the scriptures in this chapter of Psalms and the beautiful poetry and truth they reveal! Today, I will focus on verse one:

The glory, the very presence of God is what changes things. His presence came, His word was spoken, and the heavens and earth were changed forever! They were never the same again!

How much more is His powerful presence able to change us and our circumstances? If you are ever in the presence of the Lord and truly experience His glory, you are changed forever! You are never the same!

Thankfulness brings us into His presence and reveals His glory. It is a place of beauty, peace and contentment.

  • Declare the work He has already done and offer up thanks for the faithfulness of God! It changes things! Mainly your perspective. We too easily forget the things He’s done and provided for us. Keep a journal. Write your prayer request to Him, but don’t forget to write His answers and provision to you in big and small things! It’s a great reminder of His faithfulness.

  • Tell of His glory! When we share who He is and what He has done for us with others, it ushers in a resolute faith that doesn’t just pretend, but speaks truth to our hearts that we can truly trust Him!

Pray this prayer: ~God give me the discipline to seek your face in ALL things. Help me to have a heart of thankfulness and to verbalize your goodness to others. Make my life and my lips a living testimony for you God, my provider. I want to be in your presence to experience change and see your glory!~

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