Perfection Perception… It’s not always what it seems

You rarely ever know the back story behind the pictures in the post. We are all fighting battles. There are no perfect people.

Not gonna lie, I have rolled my eyes many times at the seemingly “braggy post” that feels like the only intention was to elevate themselves or create a false perception… or the “Christianese post” that does not seem authentic because of the way they have treated others.  But I have come to the conclusion that my opinion just doesn’t matter!  I am not the judge.  If we really want peace, we have to love and try to find understanding and acceptance for one another.  We have to tell ourselves, “You are not perfect, so don’t expect others to be.”  Have you ever thought about how many people may have rolled their eyes at your post?


We live in a social media world… The devil wants you to compare your life to those around you. He wants you so focused on what you think you don’t have, that you can’t be grateful for what you do.

Offense and bitterness is a self-absorbed perception.  It causes you to focus on yourself and your lack and gives you the “poor me” mindset.

  • Hurt and pain are not only yours to bear.  We all have burdens, grief and pain.  God made you in HIS IMAGE!!!  He made you and your children in HIS IMAGE…. Exactly the way He wanted you to be!

  • You and your people have gifts that you were given and purpose that is uniquely appointed to you.  You have influence in the place He has put you!  Why would you want to be in some mediocre place apart from that?  Get busy doing what God has gifted and purposed you to do instead of focusing on others and what they are doing, believing the lie that you somehow don’t measure up, got left out or left behind.

  • Bloom where you are, where you are accepted and loved.  Not where you clawing to hang on!  Can you imagine how it makes the ones you are with feel when you give them the impression you would rather be somewhere else?   The people and places you are pining for are not without their own problems.  You may look at others and not see the struggle that they are currently in, but trust me, WE ALL HAVE STRUGGLES!

  • Enjoy where you are, who you are with and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing.  It’s exhausting and no peace is found there.  You do not know the details and no one’s life is perfect!

  • When we constantly compare ourselves or our families to those around us, it robs us of our joy, contentment and peace… Be content with the place and the people God has put in your life now and the joy you so desperately want, need, crave will follow.  Seasons bring change.  Embrace it and thank God for the new.  Instead of hanging onto the old, let it go and cherish the good that it has given.  I read this below and thought it was a good reminder….


Be determined to find the best in others. When you’re focused on the fact that God is the Creator and accomplisher of all great things, it’s easier to cheer for others. Draw a line in the sand right now that you are going to celebrate with those around you. Rest assured, when you do this you may feel like it’s the same “perfect” family with the same “perfect” kids who get all the “perfect” awards. But, once we step out of the boat of bitterness, we can get into the one with grace and love abounding for all. After all, if you’ve spent any time on this planet, you know there’s always more than meets the eye. What may seem like just another accolade for a great kid may actually be just the lifeline they need to keep going on. We don’t know what hurt, despair, anxiety, etc. is behind the smile and the certificate. And it’s not that we should wish ill on those who are experiencing success, but it’s just the reality of knowing that life is full of ups and downs and we can celebrate with each other because God authored it all.

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