Cancel Culture

They promote evil and call it good. They speak lies and call it truth. We must take a stand against the forces of darkness. We, the church of Christ need to awaken and realize that we have been passive too long.

Perfection Perception… It’s not always what it seems

We live in a social media world... The devil wants you to compare your life to those around you. He wants you so focused on what you think you don't have, that you can't be grateful for what you do.

Rain is coming…

Do you feel like you are in a spiritual, physical or emotional drought?   Have you prayed, heard God and been obedient over and over again, but still feel you are in a dead and dry season?

Put the past behind. Expect NEW THINGS!

The past can be painful. The present can be overwhelming and the future can be scary… trade these feelings for peace by…

If it’s hard, do it anyway

We don’t get strong by doing easy things. Strength comes from resistance and weight. The resistance and weight you feel, is the very thing that is making you strong!

Water the Dry Ground of Your Heart

Be free. Let go of comparison, hurt and whatever else is holding you back from your destiny and know God wants to water and grow what's inside of you.